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As I expected after I posted last week I thought of more highlights from our recent adventures
I think the biggest omission (which I don't think anybody else has mentioned) was that at both the Cerritos and Agoura Hills concerts there were large monitors mounted either side of the stage
And on one of those nights Gord positioned himself cent(e)re stage and looked left and right admiring his large image. What made it for me was that he had a silly grin on (very like my favo(u)rite moment in the Reno video where just after he walked on he gave that same grin to the camera:-
chat room commercial and apology
Although we had another successful chat session last Friday
both Sheryl and Deb (brink) reported to me on Sunday that the chat room appeared to have died. Some investigation then revealed that as notified when trying to visit the Internet Relay Chat hosting site
one is curtly informed
"This domain name expired on 05/26/05 and is pending renewal or deletion."
So it would appear that the owners have so far omitted to renew their domain name's registration.
I found out the owner's email address plus I had a good contact from when I set up this revised arrangement after the demise of the
IRC host that Rik had used and have twice emailed both contacts so far with no response.
So boys and girls I may be faced with another search for a suitable host for our chat channel #gordonlightfootchat
I will as hitherto endeavour to find one that enables access both by your browser using a Java applet or by the recommended mIRC method
which based on my previous experience is not going to be an easy or quick job.
In fact I fear that unless I get lucky it may well turn out that I can only arrange for an mIRC-accessible setup. Fortuneately I think that the majority of the regulars eventually bowed to the pressure and installed mIRC (which I insist is no big deal)
but it does mean that regrettably there can be no chat session tonightusing the regular system/IRC channel. By all means though do try the various links on my page at:-
OK Ok mindful of how certain persons might miss their weekly "fix "
I have just rechecked the current "bravenet" chat room that Rik was experimenting with at:-
wait for the applet to load then type in your screenname ignore the "profile" box and click the "chat" button
I'll try that this evening at 9PM EST and hope a few others do likewise
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