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Good morning...from sunny and chilly Chattanooga! Well what can I say...a GREAT FABULOUS SUPERB, etc., etc., performance by Gordon and the orchestra at the beautiful Trivoli!

Rainbow Trout and her lovely daughter met me at my hotel and we had a little dinner before the show. It was so great to finnaly meet my friend Rainbow after all the time we've spent in the chatroom and planning to attend this show. What a sweetheart...gave me copies of a couple of CD's I didn't have!

On the subject of sweathearts...Barbie and Ken are staying at the same hotel as me and I'm awaiting a call so we can meet for breakfast! Barbie (aka Dore ) came bearing gifts (lovely photo pins) when we met again before the concert last night. I have really enjoyed meeting Dore and the Ken doll and will meet up with them again in Atlanta friday night.

Drove up to Lookout MT this morning and around Chattanooga...looking for a Starbucks or Dunkin' luck! Great view from the MT and a very pretty city. Took a wrong turn back to the hotel but then I got to see Finley Stadium. After breakfast with my friends...I hope to take a walk along the river and then I'm heading to GA!!!

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