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Originally posted by johnfowles:
[quote[[qb] by John Fowles
Although it is likely that one of the links shown on your personaL images page will bring up a clickable thumbnail that then opens the full sized picature.
the "my images" link on the top menu has disappeared and in googling for comments I discovered that therey had a down problem yesterday and that images not accessed for a year are deleted.
While you all wait (with baited breath-is there any other type I wonder?) for my promised tutorial there is some limited guidance on using imageshack available at:-
I also found an Aussie Ipod discussion forum at:-
There are other free image hosting sites such as photobucket but I found this page:-
"Do not use Photo Bucket Or Image Shack" at:
I tried to find out how to reaccess the pictures that I had previously uploaded but got nowhere until I reregistered using the same email addy as before wherupon after receiving the email with the required activation link I was taken to:-
which had all my images present

Now if I go to:-
The "my images" link is there again
very interesting but stoopid as a certain German soldier used to say in Burbank
John Fowles
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