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[quote[ by John Fowles My "resizing" tutorial will in due course explain how you could alternatively use a free graphics program I discovered called
photo gagdet that very easily allows you to do just that from the right click menu
your full sized picture is at:-
the thumbnail is at:-
note the addition of "th" after the filename
John Fowles

Correction those two links:-
actually open the imageshack site:-
when you check your stored images page
you are given a variety of links for various purposes
but the pictures on their own are at:-
Full sized:-
In preparing this posting I discovered Sharron that your original jpg file is far too large (1280x960 pixels) strewth! so I have just used photogadget to resize to a more reasonable 640x480:-
now at:-

and the thumbnail is at

Hence you need the latter two addresses to show just the picture
Although it is likely that one of the links shown on your personaL images page will bring up a clickable thumbnail that then opens the full sized picature.
Ain't the world grand.
I have posted this just after talking on the steam type telephone to a very dear friend in England who I hope will shortly be reading this so I will now say "Hello Thea" (she is from Sydney and now Sherborne, England!!)
Steve you will know what I mean when I tell you that her great great...... grandfather was a "First Fleeter" back in 1788.
Hey that reminds me Steve I am appalled at your attempts to turn the world upside down and will have words to say to you should you dare to reappear in tomorrow evening/Saturday morning's chat room session
Here is a picture of Thea's convict ancestor from the site for the Everingham family started in Oz by
Matthew James Everingham

John Fowles
"If there was a Mount Rushmore in Canada, we wouldn't have any politicians on it, that's for sure. There'd be Peter Gzowski, Gordon Lightfoot, he'd be on it, people like that."
-- Murray McLauchlan"
read down under the piece on Gord at Massey Hall is a piece on a New Zealand born country music singer from Brisbane(Oz) by name ofKeith Urban
I really love his haunting "You'll Think of Me"
(hear a 30 second clip by clicking on the "Golden Road " album link) that article on Keith includes this quote:-
"When asked whether he is Down Under's greatest musical export now, his modesty is self-evident."
a fine singer

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