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Default Whatanite!"song "SHADOWS"-keyboard melody(6 or 7 notes)was accually played by Gord.

Mike Hefferman<sic> told me a few years back while I got to hang with the band at the holiday Inn after a show back in 2000(I believe).
We asked Gord to come out with us(Terry,Wally Bivons and some friends to go out with us and knock down a few.Scince he stopped dringing after 81 0r '82,we expected that.
He generously declined,saying that he was tired and was about to hit the hay.

But what a nite!Me,my lead guitar player(Norman S. Rockwell),Terry C. and some of his local kin-folk did it up 'till the bar closed.
Then Norman runs for his dobro,tells me to grab my guitar.We convinced him to listen as we performed "Long Thin Dawn" in the parking lot!He told me that he enjoyed it and messed around a bit on the fretted dobro.
That was one one the greatest nites of my life!
Robby lake
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