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Hey it's me jaws...just wanted to let Gordon know that his music has brought me many years of great memories(some good some bad).I'm 31yrs old i have been listening to him for 17yrs.Acouple of years ago i saw him at The Keswick in Glenside,Pa and i was sitting 11th row from the stage and when he came out to do his encore of Old Dan's Records i ran to the stage and yelled "GORDON" and when he came out he wlaked over to me and shook my hand.Let me just tell you that was the greatest day of my life(and i was married once for 3yrs.).When his cd came out "A Painter Passing Thru" the album name hit me like a ton of bricks.That's exactly what he is.He paints pictures in my mind with his words.I'm hoping to see him in AC so i hope to see alot of you "GORD" fans there!!!!
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