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Default If Children Had Wings

toward the end of yesterday's four hour GL Tribute/Xmas concert, a woman requested we play this song as a tribute to the current, horrific tragedy... John Stinson sang the most moving version I've heard, making it hard to concentrate on playing...ironic that we learned that Fred Lightfoot (who, along with Ingrid, had inspired the song) had seen the tribute

As a tiny consolation, I wish the families could know that even in a distant modest Legion hall in York Region, they and their precious little ones were being thought of dearly

GL has said his main inspiration for writing over the years had been to fulfil record label, i was thinking maybe he should sign a new deal and tour less...he is single and his kids are pretty much all grown up...lots of inspirations for writing ...perhaps his poetic phrases and soothing melodies can help with the healing ...i'm sure in his wisdom, Gord would avoid a political angle

My thoughts are with current well as all future innocent victims
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