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Default Re: Shadows: Thoughts

First album with Mike so doing a bunch off of it live, still today, allows Gord's orchestra to do a fine job of reproducing those studio recordings live. For setlist selections from pre-Shadows era, Mike seems to strive to emulate the studio orchestrations from the Gord's Gold 1 arrangements. For the earlier selections not on GG1, Gord probably just asked Mike to 'just do something'

Interesting insights by all here. I agree.

Btw, I like that they chose to play I'll do Anything on the MMM live broadcast ?(for one thing, to show further versatility of style) but I don't think he's played it live in the decade or so since. I'm sure Carter would enjoy it.

I'd also think that Gord's current voice would handle the task if they were to include Heaven Help the Devil and She's Not the Same in some future tour
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