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Default Shadows: Thoughts

I've been musing a little bit about Shadows and can't help thinking it may be Gord's finest collection of individual songs outside of IYCRMM. However, I also think there is something lacking and I think that is purely down to timing.

If Gord had put these songs together on album in the first half of the '70s I think this would have been an out and out classic record. The more '80s, post folk sound (I wouldn't even say production) keeps the album down a bit. Also, Gord was by then largely out of favour with the record buying public so no matter how good the music he produced it was never going to be a huge commerical success.

I also have a personal musical prejudice here. I like the '70s folk acoustic sound. I sometimes joke that I dont listen to any music made after 1974 becasue that is when synths seem to take over and music becomes more electronic and flatter sounding. For me, a record from a latter period will never sound as good to my ears.

But just taking the songs on an individual basis as songs, I think the record is incredible. Particulalry the emotional hurt and yearning of things tracks like Shadows itself.
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