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Default Re: Took my 8 year old.

Originally Posted by wcannon View Post
Thanks RM for the advice. I took my 8 year old last night here in Chattanooga. I had second row seats and we had no baby sitter. So my wife stayed home with our youngest. My choice was go alone or take one child and let him see the legend up close and personal. It was awesome. My son loved it and was as you said "mesmerized".

He can't stop talking about "Carefree Highway"...or should I say 'every highway'...he refuses to believe that Gordon is saying "carefree". Also, he loved Old Dan's Records and "Early Morning Rain" (he also is a big Elvis fan).

Anyway, I am thrilled I took him. Thanks for the advice again.
And the LEGEND lives on...good stuff!!
Hey, if Elvis can change Lightfoot lyrics why not an 8 year old?!
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