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Oh, I have been remiss in keeping you posted.

Right after they sent me home (July11) I started to develop and awful headache. It turns out my toxoplasmosis, which generally affects the retina (which is why I have a blind eye) andfor which I am now generally on a medication to keep it from recurring, came back. I had to be off the preventative medication for a bit and it grabbed its opportunity. This time it settled in my brain, causing a load of pain and swelling of the brain that came close to killing me. BAck to the hospital in isolation for the two longest weeks of my life.

The good news is we are almost doen with the treatment and I'll go back on the preventative and they are optimistic about the future. And I'm back home.

Still heave months to go on teh blood front but things are doing what they are supposed to do.
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