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Default Re: ...Or another way to play with this Forum

I've been playing around with these threads (sewing!??). ...and it appears either scheme has holes in them and require patches (just to continue the metaphor)..

I just put up a new video in my own thread.."high and dry"...Trouble is as a user you don't know ..other than to see that the John Stinson thread is gone to the top. But no indication as to why. ...until you drill down.


I just added Paul and I doing SFAWN in the SFAWN thread... Again indication other than the thread being activated and moved to the top.

I guess there is a common problem with both in that if there is just dialogue and no new video...and you happen to be looking for a video have to scroll up and down looking.

Oh well....Lets just let the issue solve itself....Does that happen?
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