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Default Re: ...Or another way to play with this Forum

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
ok - so we already have a COVERS will be sub divided by SONG.

are we ok with this idea?
Inspired by the U.S. congressional debate over the 'economic stimulus plan', I must vote no on the idea to sort by song. I much prefer sorting by artist, with all their covers in the same thread. For example, if the thread is "If You Could Read my Mind", one might have to wade through a gazillion versions of the song to find one style he/she likes. On the other hand, if the covers are sorted by artist, they could explore that artist's rendition(s).

Take Marty Robbins' version of "Ribbon Of Darkness"(one of the first successful covers of a Lightfoot tune). It should stand alone and not be buried in a pile of other versions.

Or Jory Nash's version of IYCRMM. I really like his vocal stylings on that one. Don't bury it !

I rest my case.

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