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Default Re: ...Or another way to play with this Forum

well, one 'oui' from one pea in this large membership pod, Gordpod, lol

yeah, i would think it's easier to link them directly to youtube or wherever video or audio files are know how our existing youtube cover threads often get off topic and cos certain folks (myself excluded of course, lol) start talking about the price of tea in Orillia and all that

i could sort and send you tons of links i've got already but it wouldnt be for a few days...John's already been of great help and if jjo reappears i would think he already has a huge archive of links to send...wonder how long it would be before we get redundant title threads, maybe john/char should be the thread starters since they are the force behind this latest expansion

great stuff

btw, as far as Gord TV (when will Rogers offer this cable channel?, lol) goes, i certainly dont possess all Gord TV videos...i've seen the 1968 CBC but don't possess it and since John Stinson now has it, it would be great if he got that up on youtube sometime...i know John Fowles would appreciate that also (he could finally put away his reel to reel, lol)
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