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Default Re: ...Or another way to play with this Forum

lol, i'll say it one more time then hush up)

how about a section of Lightfoot doing Lightfoot songs? that was the initial request, but somehow we've got new arrivals clicking on other folks covering Gord tunes and left saying "how do I see Gord actually doing his own songs?"

franky, most of us couldn't care because most have seen all there is to see of Gord on tv and prefer to watch them on tv screens and rather than on youtube but it's just an offering for those who haven't....i put up example from other sites that offer a multimedia section (Glen Campbell, etc)...all we have is photos...actually, another section of interview archives would be my second choice...hearing Gord and listening to his comments, what could be more captivating for a fan?

btw, i would suggest grouping by Song becuase youtube already is "channeled" by performer so it's redundant to do the same here...also, that way it's easier to see how many of the Gord catalogue is covered (ie. checklist)...just my 2 cents...ok, hush now, jj )
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