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Like most of us here, I would say 97% of Gord's songs are my favorite...but because of its history, because it was the first song of his I remember hearing, because it has stood the test of time and because it still thrills me every time I hear it...If You Could Read My Mind wins the prize for my favorite song if I have to name just one...and then the 96.8% that's left after that.

Whispers of the North is right up there too. I am not a canoe-er or a snowshoe-er, but I am a country girl and love the outdoors, so yeah the song brings beautiful visual images to me too. There is a hypnotic rhythm to it.

Summer Side of Life is a special album to me, Yuri, as it is the first Lightfoot album I bought with my hard earned babysitting money (back when babysitters were paid 50 cents an hour and albums cost 5.99)
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