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Default News-4U Interviews Gordon Lightfoot: MP3 Download

A really good interview:

As many of you know, folk singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot is coming to The Victory Theatre on September 30th. I had a chance to sit down for a phone interview with Mr. Lightfoot recently and the conversation turned to a range of topics – his music, his near fatal abdominal aneurysm, the recent death of his manager of 25 years, and the music business in general.
As a News-4U first, we are presenting an MP3 of that interview, complete with phone noise and my stammering line of questions. There were a couple spots where a technical glitch caused the conversation to be inaudible both on the tape and between the two of us, which will explain some of the weird conversational transitions, but these interruptions were brief and Mr. Lightfoot remained very lucid and cordial throughout, even if I did not.

Hope you enjoy the interview and the show on the 30th.
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