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Default Re: a couple more pics from Massey

I'm still floating on air but suffering from PMS - Post Massey Syndrome..
it's very nice that Gord welcomes me like he does..I'm thankful every time..
There are so many others who he remembers too and I love watching him work the room..
The first night backstage he said "Hi Char !! - what's new on the WEB?" !!
I got him the retractable pen because I noticed he was walking around with the Sharpie he had and not putting the lid back on while he talked to folks so when he went to sign anything the nib was dry at the start of his name and he then had to go over his autograph..
I'm hoping to hear from George S. about what day he would have a good guest to go see on The Hour..
There's other posts with pics - a few days ago - check them out.. Ihope others post their pics too if they already haven't....
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