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Default Re: Official Gordon Lightfoot Interview

Not what I expected... much better, albeit a bit unpolished.

Gord seemed to take a couple of moments to "figure things out" and then responding very thoughtfully.

A good selection of questions, I thought. Not too sure about the global warming thing, but Gord's reply was good. It's no wonder that I respect this man a lot! An extremely gifted individual, while not becoming arrogant and full of "self" as we see so many entertainers become.

Mer, very nicely done. you may want to consider a better camera/mic setup though.... just a suggestion. and please, if I may, please beg your Dad to do another album! Daughters have a way of getting Dad to do things that others can't! (ie this interview) I know this because I'm a Dad of several daughters! Maybe make that one of your next quetions ala interview???

I hope we get to see more of these interviews... Thanks to all who made it possible, including the link in this post.
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