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Char - I forgot to mention when I was going over to hang out by the two one arm jugglers, the ego and the ID, you know, that you can also buy crisp apples out of the barrel, and the elephants like 'em too ! Apples in the sun; beautiful. I'll be talking to the midget and the kid, that always seems to have a red ballcap on him. Peanut man ! Peanut man !

OH BTW Charlene: I do at times find for real- life reasons that knee-high combo'waterproof boots with Kevlar and/or steel laminate and PTFE (Gore Tex) lining ( about $400 more than the ones Watchman is showing) can be necessary if a pro is trying to survive in some areas of the sphagnum-peat bogs of Sasketchewan and Manitoba, or worst of all conditins in Alaska, farther north a bit, where in summer, snakes, mud, water, dew, and rain, and buuuuggggs are working hazards.

Seems my snake-strewn older cartographic surveys and those for the U.S. government can be frought with some of the same occupational hazards as you experience at times in Corfid !.

Watchman's fun picture of low end waders made me recall those days, where I quickly found that if a man tried to walk more than just for lolligagging/fishing in a stream, but rather, say, working 8 - 10 miles a day of terrain doing reconn on a geodetic survey, he'd wind up with blisters so bad they can go septic from "swamp rot". Need real waterproof leather/kevlar snake boots for that for sure !

And then you might have to wait for sooo long when the U.S. B.L.M. and/or Canadian Provincial Mapping agencies' helicopter would do food/suplies drops or caches every TWO WEEKS ! AAAGGGGH !lol. Rugged, frightening, but beautiful memories.

Those little PVC waders Watchman was showing wouldn't last a minute where a grown man or woman would venture, but they sure make me want to read a Redwing, or Yukon Outfitters, or even a Fillson's catalogue and drool over the good gear.

Thanks Watchman ! I 'preciate the photo and memories ! - sadly though, of what not to wear over the long haul, but sure are fun for lightweight fishin' jobs !
geo Steve
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