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This is from posted by edmullen

"No extensive review but a couple of quick thoughts.

Thursday's concert was a little rocky. Gord gave it his all and it was
wonderful to see him back on stage. They're all doing little touches
in arrangements that are really nice to hear. The whole atmosphere is
a lot more laid back than traditionally. A lot of fun.

Friday's concert was super. He was in good voice. Very relaxed and
did things I've rarely seen him do like change capo position and retune
on stage; flub a line in a song and grin, shake his head, stop, and
start over; say "No, I chaned my mind!" and then turn to Terry and say
a song name and walk up to the mike and just do it. Fabulous to see
him so relaxed and having so much fun. Pretty talkative, smiling a
lot, joking, and just enjoying the fact that he's back on stage doing
what he loves. And WE love it too!"
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