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Default Re: GL Juno performance 1996 IYCRMM - lo quality

glad you all enjoyed the post regardless of quality...i enjoyed your comments

acadia, that clip is same era about 18 months's posted in the Misc thread in the GL Covers forum and elsewhere but my reaction is same: the first 5 seconds are the highlight of that clip! (taking nothing away from Tyson)

i should have posted this under, i've violated my own rule for Jenn and any other newcomers, i hope they stumble on that thread, it still hasn't made it as a link to the homepage (yet there's a bunch of garbage links still on there, what's so special about the live8? maybe it generates revenue, if so, i'll hold my beef goin fwd )

i feel this GL look is the one that should have been used for the's the first time i remember him looking truly comfortable on TV ...the face is perfectly chiseled...either that of go back to the "Lightfoot" look, very Chuck Connors/Rifleman-esque

maybe he's growing out so he can go back to the afro/perm - anybody's guess

note: rm, i don't even dance THAT good...i think my intoxication and dancing days are behind me, they seemed to go hand in hand...foot in foot... a sad reality
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