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Originally Posted by ANTHONY ROBERSON View Post
Am I the only one on here who HONESTLY doesn't go a day without putting some Lightfoot on? I'm serious, THERE'S NOT A DAY where I don't come into work, sit down, get on the computer and click a Lightfoot album on. On weekends, I have an online jazz station going on in the bedroom, but in the car......SHADOWS, SALUTE, or my homemade compilation CD gets played.

I'm not nuts am I? I'm not going to be painting a loon on my forehead and asking for Gord's blessing in the near future am I?
I don't know about the painting a loon on your forehead thing, but no, you're not nuts. Myself, whenever I put one of his discs in to relax with, I end up drifting off to sleep & feeling as if I'm a bird, like an eagle for instance, flying high, proud & free.
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