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Originally Posted by ANTHONY ROBERSON View Post
I'm not nuts am I? I'm not going to be painting a loon on my forehead and asking for Gord's blessing in the near future am I?
Would that be so bad?

Seriously though, I keep "Songbook" in my crew truck and the co-workers have commented on the times I have individual cd's - "Jeez, every time I sit in your truck you have a different Gordie cd", one guy groaned, a couple fo weeks ago. The new guy told me yesterday that "Songbook" was great music, a fellow in his late 20's. Another co-worker calls me a hippie because of the Gord's Gold in the cd player.

I dunno... I think the world's nuts. Lightheads are perfectly sane, loons or no loons.
"This time tomorrow we might all be packed and gone.
I believe it's best we carry on..."
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