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Gordon strutted his fine self out on stage, looking finer than Iíve ever seen him look. He was dressed all in black, including boots, (same as mine, I might add), with a vest and the nice bracelet on his right wrist. His voice, to me had a full range quality about it that Iíve never heard from him (Saw him first time in 2000). The audience was very kind, in a way that he deserved and appreciated.

The songs were arranged very differently, than in previous shows. And, Gord appeared professional but relaxed enough to actually retune, at least two times that I can remember.

Straw Boss is sporting a beautiful white ponytail, now. Terry looked like Terry, Barry, the drummer looked thinner and, the keyboard player looked the same.

I was really doing good with the set list to memory till the third song, Harmony, which he prefaced by talking about when he wrote this song, being during his emotional roller-coaster pinnacle. With that song, my emotions went wild in how they connect with my own personal life. At that point I remembered the second two songs. Then at some other point in the show, he played Shadows and then I lost it all as far as a set list goes. I decided at some point in the show that he was playing my whole emotional life and then it was over, as far as a set list was concerned.

Straw Boss sang Sundown without a microphone.

Great show! Great seats!

Funny thing about the Sycuan, no alcohol at the Casino! What?! Iím not a gambler or a drunk, but this was only the second time I had been to a casino, both times for a concert, never to gamble, or have a drink. Ok, from the beginning, rows and rows of handicap parking. Iím not kidding, a whole parking lot of handicap parking, for a casino! I parked about 1/3rd of a mile from the entrance, Oh sure, they have shuttle, but where was it? I hiked it, both in and out.

So, I met a Northern Californian, named Dennis at the show (planned) and we thought it would be nice to have a drink. There was an establishment that I noticed on the way in, about 3 miles before the casino and easy to see on the way in. I found it after turning around, but my friend didnít. I ordered a glass of wine and went to sit in some real comfy chair by a window. Next thing I know, in walks the lead guitar player, the keyboard player and the drummer of said band.... I called my friend after the lead guitar player walked in and said, I think you really want to turn around and find this place.....

A few sheets to the wind and blissfully happy, yes this is blondie. A thousand pardons if this is unreadable, but in the morning itís back on the road, up to Woodland Hills and then back down to Cerritos for tomorrow nightsí show.

Letís see what I can remember:
Don Quixote
Sea of Tranquility
Baby Step Back
Clouds of Loneliness
Make Way for the Lady
Ghosts of Cape Horn
The Wreck
Cotton Jenny
Hangdog Hotel Room (pretty sure)
He did not do Canadian Railroad Trilogy, but did one oncore. Donít ask me what it was?

And, Oh yeah, Barry lost a lot a weight and looks real fine, too.


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