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Default Re: Joliet, IL-Rialto Theatre-Oct.30-2013

Well, it happened to me again. Someone else posted the setlist before I got home.

So I will give the fashion report. You KNOW you want to hear what Gord was wearing.
Opening set, the Red jacket, black jeans and white boots. Second set, changed to black (or dark anyway) jacket with black boots and I guess the same jeans.

He introduced a song in the second set with this little gem that never gets old: "This next song is titled Meet Me By the Rockpile Honey and I'll get a Little Boulder."

Carter got several appreciative hands for solo work and stood near Gord for Sundown and Baby Step Back.

As usual, Gord in better voice for the second set. I thought I read earlier this year that Now and Then was in the mix and was hoping to hear it. (I was at the Davenport IA show earlier this year and he didn't do it there either). But I got All The Lovely Ladies and If Children Had Wings back to back so very happy with that.

Don't think I'd heard The Minstrel of The Dawn in years so that was nice. And since the show was getting late, I just KNEW that IYCRMM was gonna follow it.

Gord got a laugh with the "polka dot underwear" line in Wild Strawberries. Also got a chuckle when explaining the writing of Song for A Winter's Night during a summer thunderstorm in Cleveland. And a few folks finished Ribbon of Darkness before he slid into Sundown.

And I love that he's put Christian Island into the mix lately too. The first song I taught myself on the guitar a LONG time ago and a lovely song.

A rainy and blustery night in Joliet IL but warm and perfect inside the Rialto Theatre.

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