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Default Re: Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's

Very sad news indeed.

He sang Gord's tunes with an elevated passion. It was like he would separate the "Walls" of the song, go inside and live it out there. He did stuff to those tunes that drew second, third and more listenings.

Somewhere in my collection of Gord stuff there is a tape recording by a local radio DJ where he talks about an event years ago in Toronto when Gord wanted to invite his special friend Glen Campbell in for a set in a local establishment where Gord worked and he was unfortunately not well received by the audience.

Guess they were too well pumped for a "Gord only" event.

But it's clear that Glen rose above whatever the situation was and went on to garner a major foothold into the world of TV, radio and recorded many wonderfully arranged songs and continues on performing despite his illness.

As long as you sing Glen, we'll be listening.


Ron J.
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