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Default Tarrytown Concert 4-8-2022 (WOW!!)

A local performer named Jack Grace opened and I was impressed enough I bought two of his CD’s. Then Gordon Lightfoot. Only one “oxygen hit”, his guitar playing held up well and for his age his voice was excellent. I think I got everything but may have missed one or two.

1. Now and Then
2. Sweet Guinevere
3. Watchman Gone
4. Too Many Clues in this Room
5. Ribbon of Darkness
6. Sundown
7. 14 Karat Gold
8. If You Could Read My Mind
9. Restless
10. I’d Rather Press On
11. Song for a Winter’s Night
12. Beautiful
13. Minstrel of the Dawn
14. Baby Step Back
15. Carefree Highway
16. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
17. Early Morning Rain


18. Rainy Day People
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