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Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally Posted by Jesse Joe View Post
Did you see Matt Stairs he almost batted, tonight... lol ! On deck, but they got the 3 outs...

I agree Char Hockey is a religion...Tomorrow night in Toronto, The Habs!!! Should be a great one !!!
Translation, pleasse. I'm just a neophyte in the Hockey religion - what's a "Hab"? LOL

I was telling Char that Dish here in the States is advertising NHL games (for a price, of course) by saying something to the effect of, "Just because your town doesn't have a hockey team doesn't mean you don't have a hockey team - root for your favorite team." Okay, I'll adopt the Leafs - hey, I'm "knowledgeable" for a Californian - I even know what "icing the puck" means (stop laughing - ) and love the movie "Slap Shot"! And, I used to sleep in a Leafs shirt! Char has had to translate a couple of phrases for me - I think one was a butterfly play or something like that...I'll have to begin my studies in earnest now...

"You don't have to play to win, but then you might!" (I draw to inside straights....)
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