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Default Niagara Falls,Ont.FALLSVIEW CASINO-May 9-2013 setlist-report

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Fallsview Casino.
May 9,2013
8:30 p.m. (90 min.Casino show)

1. Sweet Guinivere
2. Cotton Jenny
3. Waiting For You
4. All The Lovely Ladies
5. I'd Rather Press On
6. Wild Strawberries
7. Let It Ride
8. Christian Island
9. Rainy Day People
10. Shadows
11. Beautiful
12. A Painter Passing Through
13. Watchman's Gone
14. The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald
15. Ribbon of Darkness
16. Sundown
17. Hangdog Hotel Room
18. Carefree Highway
19. Never Too Close
20. Don Quixote
21. If You Could Read My Mind
22. Canadian Railroad Trilogy


23. Cold On The Shoulder

At 4 a.m. on Thursday morning a terrible accident involving tankers and an 18 wheeler hauling steel occurred on the highway to Niagara Falls. The acccident involved both east and westbound lanes and the hiway was shut down for around 14 hours. 2 people lost their lives and 2 are still in critical condition. This meant anyone heading to Niagara Falls had to get off the highway and make their way through backroads and small towns. I was travelling with Rick and his lovely wife, Marilyn and it was quite a while until we could get off the highway but while sitting for a couple of hours, inching along it was nice to see the beautiful vineyards and orchards all coming to life along with the varied greens of the many trees in the area. Fruit trees were in bloom and the farmers were working in the fields while thousands of motorists actually had time to look and see where a lot of our local fruit and vegatables along with award winning wines come from. We finally made it to the Fallsview Casino and had time to do a bit of shopping and grab a bite to eat. It was a beautiful day and the view from a friends room was amazing. From the 27th floor overlooking the the Niagara River, the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls were in view as was The Maid of The Mist making it's way through the rapids. It wasn't long before we found our way into the Avalon Ballroom where Lightfoot last played in March 2007. That was quite the memorable night for me!

Gordon mentioned the accident and said it was the first time he'd actually driven UNDER the Welland tunnel! He mentioned it again later in the show.

After Hangdog Hotel Room he was a bit out of breath and said , "That makes my heart thump!"

Prior to I'd Rather Press On he mentioned being on the Fallon show and they were so efficient in doing IYCRMM there was 5 extra minutes so they did I'd Rather Press On for web viewing only and he wasn't sure it was viewable in Canada.

There were two band introductions and a standing O after CRT where he also had the bnd stand to accept it.

After the concert we waited a bit while the big time gamblers had their meet and greet. Ran into TG for a quick hi too! There were only 20 of the hi-rollers and they were finished quite quickly. There were only a few of us after that and I spoke with Gordon for a few moments about how terrific it was to see him in January at Hugh's Room and also to hear Meredith sing. He told me he is her coach, helping her with her vocals and tuning the guitar properly. She can't go wrong with a coach like him altho I did wonder if it was comparable to a parent teaching a child how to

I said quick hellos to Barry and Carter and Rick and then headed out for a drink with friends Dan and Nanci before driving to Hamburg to stay at their place overnite. I was on the bus today for an early 7:30 a.m. ride back home to a grey,windy,rainy Toronto day. Pics to come. No pics/video of concert tho-camera cops were vigilant. Too bad they weren't so vigilant with loud talkers and ushers who were seating people all night DURING songs!

Gordon looked well, his hair is once again quite long. He wore the red velvet waiscoat, black shirt and pants with black boots. As always Mike, Carter, Rick and Barry were an impeccable orchestra. The 90 minutes sped by WAY toooooo fast and then it was over! With the concert dates still not finalized fo 2013 I can't make plans to travel to any of them yet! But I certainly hope I do get to another few this year..14 last year and only 1 this year isn't fair! lol

Get out and see him if he's in your area, take a road trip if need be...tag along on the Carefree Highway 50th anniversary tour!

I gave him a new retractable Sharpie..I gave him one several years ago and he was fascinated with it...Hope he remembers to retract it before putting it in his front pocket with the other two capped
photo by Dan R.

View of NiagaraRiver with Maid of The Mist, and US Falls and Horseshow Falls on Canadian side of border.

Pics of Lisa's FALLON T-shirt that Aunt Jenney sent to her as a wonderful SURPRISE! All but Michael signed it..I'll get him next go round..It was kinda hard to write on the T-Shirt despite having a hard surface between the front and back..when it came to Gordon's turn I asked him to write "BIG"
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