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Default Re: A New "Lightfoot Lovesongs" CD

hope this makes a good gift for you and loved ones, gitch

as an aside, any GL compilations I've done are based on recordings having a similar tempo (bpm) rather than common lyrical theme...I suppose the last GL comp I made (eons ago) was an exception to this when I ripped all the unreleased tracks off Songbook and put onto 1 disk

am optimistic the zoner or our stonewaller can whip up a creative, appropriate cover...I would love to but only seem inspired when some sort of twisted wit is the theme...maybe when they do so, they could also make a subtle CD title change for this...the Love Songs title sounds like something the Carpenters or Bread would release, heh ...I think Your Love's Return works nicely as a title and has the key word in there too, great selection, RT

well, you may need a full box set to get all my fave GL 'love' tunes compiled but to make it simple, I'll just go with the final track found on his final studio album: "Sometimes I Wish"....thx, jj

ps) zoner, I think I dig your HOT album cover best...very KTel
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