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Default Re: A New "Lightfoot Lovesongs" CD

I'm sorry to say that I've been away for the long holiday weekend, and was unable to view John's photo of "suspenders" before it was taken off (I'll bet he picked a good one), but I did google the topic and now I get the general idea. Funny how something that was invented for a functional purpose can turn into something sexy and naughty.

Zoneranger, JohnFowles, and anyone else interested: Please submit as many album covers you would care to design and then I think we should take a vote. Of course, anyone is free to print anything they want to use as a cover, but maybe we could have one "official" cover. How would a deadline of 12/3 (one week from today) work for anyone interested?

Val, Peter Bro 10 beat you to "Go My Way" so please feel free to choose another love song not yet nominated (I would personally be honored to have your choice included). I will definitely keep those 3 songs you suggested in the sequence you requested once we get around to rearranging things.

Here's the updated list:

1. Softly (Gitchigumee)
2. Thank You For The Promises (Jesse Joe)
3. If I Could (RM)
4. If You Need Me (Claudia)
5. The Last Time I Saw Her Face (mnmouse)
6. Now and Then (GJA)
7. Inspiration Lady (brink-)
8. Fine as Fine Can Be (joveski)
9. I'm Not Supposed to Care (The Rez)
10. Your Love's Return (Rainbow Trout)
11. Beautiful (Kathy in Michigan)
12. My Love For You (Borderstone)
13. Shadows (Tim)
14. Song for a Winter's Night (Brannah)
15. The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face (johnfowles)
16. Go My Way (Peter Bro 10)
17. The Way I Feel (gwen snyder)

Anyone care to help out with the dates (year) of the original recordings of these songs and the length of each? I know there must be a simple way...I just don't know what it is, other than picking up all my CD cases and taking a look.

P.S. The forgotten song was mentioned in an earlier post, but has yet to be nominated.

P.S.S. or is it P.P.S. YIKES! I just found John's links! The photo I found was pretty boring compared to his:
"There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run. When the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun. Long before the white man, and long before the wheel. When the green dark forest was too silent to be real."

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