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Default Re: Hugh's Room-Lightfoot Celebration-The Way We Feel-Report is posted!

terrific!, what intensity...and looks like Gord's hair grew back another inch during his set, lol

you must ask Ali (i've searched and searched) if there is an online archive (youtube or cbc, etc) of all yama mama musical guests over the must give goose bumps to be more or less filling the shoes of Judith Lawrence

btw, some ignorant youtuber was harsh on commenting on david's uke rendition...i thought it was cool, maybe a bit low but that's poetic license of the mc...yeah, maybe a capo halfway up the uke (that sounds painful, lol) might have been a good idea...i dunno, i've never seen a capo on a uke....anyhow, that commenter would be surprised to learn that david probably got a large hug (rather than a small beating) from an appreciative gord
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