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Default Re: October 2020 dates?

Canadian tour dates have been postponed for a while. The dates in the u.s. are still listed but I have an e-mail into the office asking about the remaining U.S. dates./ I think they are playing a waiting game regarding the border opening and the circumstances in the region where each venue is and their rules for inside concerts/large gathering with no social distancing I wouldn't be surprised if they are postponed. I for one would not be sitting shoulder to shoulder, a foot away from the person in front of me and the person behind me a foot away breathing on my neck. Then the there is the lobby lineups and washrooms.
I have seen one venue where he has postponed that mandates masks in lobby only for the few concerts they will still have. WHAT?!?
Gordon is the LAST person who needs to be around crowds, vulnerable onstage with air-conditioning blowing around virus particles. He has been home since March and I don't know if Kim is back from the U.S. yet.
I will advise when I hear what's going on..
Stay safe!!
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