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Default Photo-London 1969

Gordon Lightfoot looking pretty chuffed and cool in suede jacket and patterned pants, following his triumphant debut on a British stage, June 2, 1969 at London’s Royal Festival Hall. The Daily Telegraph’s review of his concert praised his songs about rail hands and jailbirds, city life and country love: "[Lightfoot] has a rare talent for the creation of curiously luminous songs and for giving his most intensely personal lyrics intricate and unhackneyed shapes. He succeeds above all without sentimentality and without one false note in voicing something strangely beautiful and moving about Canada, from the mountains to the little general store." Photo by Barrie Wentzell.
(from Lightfoot FB-Nicholas Jennings)

B.Wentzell photo-london,england.June 1969 by char Westbrook, on Flickr
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