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Default Re: Lightfoot 6/19 in Morristown, NJ

Originally Posted by fezo View Post
I have two tickets for this row right up front - row B, seats 120 and 121. Unfortunately I am not at all a well Fezo at this point and will gladly sell for face value which is $170 for the pair. Let me know.

Apologies to the Lightheads that will be there. Will catch the next NJ show.
Steve I was very pleased to have become involved as the "middleman' (WOT no commission??!)
I can assure you that the lucky pair you are selling them to will most certainly enjoy them, just too bad that you are
Not A Tall Well
A perfectly correct but non functioning syntax for displaying an images it is actually at:-
A two foot wishing well goes into the doctor’s and said "I don’t feel very good"
Doc said "yes you're not a tall well."

they were certainly a splendid pair of seats
you were actually very lucky to get them.
On the day tickets went on sale we got online or the phone early and bagged the three pole positions in row A
shortly thereafter we repeated the exercise to get two more for two more of our family and were allotted two in row B. I then phoned fellow New Joysian "fezo" because the pair next to our last pair were still available and he obviously got them.
I just checked and the best pair now available are quite a way back in Row FF
for those who don't know in Steve's profile he at one time listed his home page as :-
However that organisation died back in 2005 it appears
But fortunately the fantastic internet archive's "Wayback Machine" at
has saved no less than 16 sets of that website from 2000 up till the demise of fmoworld in 2005
I have given a simple notlong link to the set from August 2001
I noted before that the archive, although it does save images,in general it does not save larger files such as audio files
and having labouriously saved each page I am attempting to rebuild Steve's site to be hosted on a free hotlinkable web site provided by fileave, complete with a set of high quality (192KBPS) mp3s so that you can download his one and only CD album from 1996
(The front cover complete with a picture of Steve you can see on the archived site)
And here is the jewel case back insert with setlist
A perfectly correct but non functioning syntax for displaying an image it is actually at:-

I have just spoken to Steve and he has graciously agreed for me to show a link to what I found to be the simply splendid and catchy CD title track:-,
Perfectly good download URL but the mp3 file extension insists on changing to non existant .htm
(the track is 3:09 long and its file size is 4.37MB)
If using Internet Exploder simply right click then "Save Target As"
play it a few times and see if it sticks in your head. or make such comments as spring to mind
If you are on a MAC then that is your problem!!
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(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet -?? read the wiki!)
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