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Default Re: If Children Had Wings

jj: it's not going to happen. To retire from the stage and just record would mean that Gord would have to write. He doesn't want to do that. Many of his contemporaries have less of a problem writing. Neil Diamond, for instance, has often said he can pull out a yellow legal pad and write anytime, anywhere. Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, has said in the past all he needs is a kitchen table between midnight and dawn and can write. But Gord is cut from a different cloth. He has to shut out everything and everyone to get the job done. That's not his fault, just how his brain is wired. He's alluded to the fact that since his last stint at writing and recording demos for "Harmony", now a decade ago, he has written a few songs, and perhaps jotted some things down. But I suspect not the way he was writing during the Sundown, Cold on the Shoulder, etc days. I do wish someone would sit him down and describe how he could record and release a few songs at a time on a website and get paid for downloads, since the age of the album is apparently over, but I don't think at 74, he's interested. I think we have to hope that if he has one or two new songs he'd like to introduce in concerts, he might do it over the next year or two, but who knows.
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