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Default Re: Schenectady review

Actually I found that article as 1/2 put down of his concert. But unfortunately there is some truth to some of it. There is a loss of energy to the concert I saw, ( probably was the same at this one too) but mostly due to a lack of the volume level, and it makes it a bit too mellow at times, of course he plays a lot of slower songs and that makes for mellow also, but a higher volume level overall would compensate for some of this seemingly energy loss. But again, how can you expect a 69 year old man to sound and act like a 35 year old man, you can't. So, for his/their age, Gordon and the guys are doing an excellent job, most performers voices go pretty flat by the time they reach 60, Gordon is doing fine+. And agreed, that guy just don't understand the lyrics. I think one thing Gordon should/could do, is invite the audience to sing along in Sundown, about 1/2 way through would be nice, most everyone knows it and it would create more energy and some fun also.

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