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Thank you so much JJ. It was great seeing you and family and connecting with the great Lightfoot folks in Collingwood.

Yes, it was high on the list of some of the best concerts I have attended and I felt very honoured to be of assistance during the soundcheck.

Unbeknownst to me when we arrived was the fact that a drummer was on his way to be part of the show and what a total surprise that was. As the set up progressed it became clear he was into Gord's music so he captured those sensitive "Barry Keane" percussion sounds with precision.

The good vibes from that gig are still with me and bouncing. The Gayety Theatre reminded me of a smaller version of Massey Hall. Very comforting older structure nestled in a quaint little North Ontario town.

It sure turned out to be an experience much happier than blue for sure. Red Shea was smiling down on us that night.
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