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Default Re: Has anyone heard this live version before?

Hi Annie, (hello BTW! long time!). I have not heard this live version before, from whatever year it took place. I do agree that the timing of this beautiful song, given the year of its (studio LP version) recorded release, would preclude its being in the BBC live concert as the others have said.

While Gordon has said he has kept many songs on the back burner for years at a time, (here and there, and no news to anyone there), such as in the "Songbook 18", and other demo'd but not recorded songs from any given earlier album, this theoretically could have been one of his older songs performed live prior to recording. But as everyone seems to be agreeing, not in this case.

Many of those of course, if not all, went back varying degrees of time. But listening to the "technology advancement level" of the keyboarding in particular would suggest, as would the nature of his voice, that it almost surely was not part of the BBC live concert (parts 1 & 2) on youtube. I'd have to listen through both to be certain, had no one stated with knowledge that it did not harken this far back, prior to appearing as a track on an album. But they did, and it isn't seems the agreement.

Since the concensus is that there is no way the song is that old, combined with the advanced level of the electronic keyboard over the roughly 5-year differential, and lastly the sound of his voice not being that of his '72 sound (IMO), I too would agree with everyone else that this can't be a '72 era live recording, and was not in fact in the BBC concert specifically. In the end, I'm simply agreeing with all the comments along these lines, with voice and keyboard "sound" being my offerred addition to the general concensus.

What a heart-wrenching song. Thank for posting it in the thread. Nice "talking" to you again too!"
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