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Default Re: Has anyone heard this live version before?

Originally Posted by joveski View Post
has anyone got this on a DVD from the youtube clips?... i can send some disks over!
Err Umm I Think dear moderator that you were misled as I was initially by the photo/screenshot from the 1971/72 BBC conceret that comes up here to illustrate the youtube video in question.
If you play the ersatz "video" on YouTube you will find that it is one of a series of GL videos created by the UK based compiler who has the youtube name gordonlightfoot100. He has created a series of videos that accompany various GL recordings some of which are presumably live and he has used a variety of images. many being stills or screenshots from the wonderful BBC Concert first broadcast in January 1972 but actually recorded early in 1971
he used the same method to make a video of Softly
and Boss Man t
and the Wreck
none of those three songs were in the setlist of the 1971/72 televised concert
nor was If Childern Had Wings yet gordomightfoot100 used the 1972 stills in all four videos
also Wings, but that song was not recorded according to Wayne's comprehensivce Album Notes until the Endless Wire sessions in Toronto in August and November 1977 . so it is very lilely that it was not written until that time (albeit Btita had flown away to Europe with the Children in 1972 or thereabouts) and of cousre the Fitz sank in 1975 so Gord could not have sung about its wreck in 1972.
Hevertheless it is wonderful and worthwhile to highlight the two roughly 30 minute videos of the concert. and in respone to Mende there is a superbly done "proper" set of complete DVD files still downloadable using the BitTorrent distro system It was obviously made from the UK PAL television broiadcast in 2011. it is complete with a fully interactive menu.
I have recently been in touch with the UK based uploader and acquired from him the set of files to burn a similarly interactrive fully menued DVD he created of the great 1979 Soundstage PBS broadcast (the "common" DVD that used to be regularly peddled om Ebay has an annoyingly virtually useless "menu" with but a singular link to play all not the individual songs as my replacement has
IAlso Mende it is possible to downloasd those two YouYube Videos using the methods I detailed on my Oscar Perterson and Count Basie web page at
on which I recommend using the online download facility provided by

Once you have the two mp4 files (or have comverted the*.flv Flash Video files (dependimg om what format you select to download them in) you can use one of the free DVD burning programs such as imgbirn to burn a playable but menuless DVD.
I am unable to check which of those four videos are live as none of my computers at the moment can play a video with sound, Ii am assuming from Annie's initial statement that Wings is a live recording (probably from one of the known live recordings displayed on corfid duringn the last year or so??)s
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