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Default Re: A memorable Christmas present

Thank you so very much friends and a very Happy New Year to all as well.

The painting now has it's home downstairs in "The Gord Room."

With Christmas done and the house back in order, the time I've been looking forward to is now at hand.
So today the "United Artist Collection" came out which wasn't hard to find as it's the one I mostly listen to.

It's where the sound of the TRIO reigns.

Looking not so much "at" the painting but more "into" it while listening to the music, I can honestly say that some really strong vibes came back from that wonderful era.
It would feel like occasional "pangs of joy" similar to maybe a sensation that would result when opening a window and getting the first whiff of fresh spring air, or a first frost in late autumn, or maybe the triggering of a sweet memory.
Those of us (now seniors) who would attend the performances in that day may well encounter similar feelings. It could be quite a mesmerizing experience.
No stimulants required for this trip. All pure and natural.

Listen to the pictures flow,
Across the room into your mind they go.
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