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Default Man of a Thousand Songs

Two years ago today my close friend, Ron Hynes passed on. I really miss him.

We were both born in St. John's, Nfld. and we were both sold on the music of Gordon Lightfoot and that was the glue that bonded us as friends, but I was also sold on Ron's material as well.

He told me he became a songwriter after hearing the music of Gordon Lightfoot.
Ron Hynes knew how "to coin a phrase." He was a gifted songwriter who won the admiration of his peers in the industry, many who recorded his songs.
His big one was "Sonny's Dream" and it sold over million copies world wide.

I'm not good with computers but the internet has lots of information on Ron Hynes.

As is with many Nfld folks, we have a strong connection to home and don't like to stray too far for any length of time.
Ron was very much like that and his Mom gave his a stern warning about "The Dangers Below" as is referred to in Gord's song, "The House you Love In."

But Ron took the plunge and his song, "Get Back Change" highlights those dangers very clearly:
"Though it's not the way you're brought up, it's easy to get caught up in a life that's bound to leave you all alone." Sadly......

Ron's flagship pub in St. John's was "The Ship Inn" and he loved performing there.
Many would "come from away" to catch his gigs.

One night John Prine's lead guitar player, Jason Wilber came to "The Ship" and after listening to Ron for a spell wrote a brilliant piece of material called "Watching Picasso."

As it tends to go with well written songs, other singers become influenced to record them and Ron's material was no exception. Many are out there.
There is a very beautiful version of "Sonny's Dream (aka "Sonny") by Mary Black, Delores Keane (two Irish singers) and Emmy Lou Harris that's worth a listen. Very sweet harmony happening there.
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