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Default Re: Meadowbrook Gilford, NH

Originally Posted by Acadia View Post
Those flying treks your dad went on into Canada must have been spectacular! I did most of my flying up there in the context of the Boston-Presque Isle run for a regional airline, but on the good weather days I couldn't help but note the pristine landscape and extensive wilderness--not many lights out there until Bangor.

It was very neat to see your website and that you are a professional musician and songwriter. I would like to see one of your shows to hear your originals and interpretations of others--especially those by Mr. Lightfoot. Do you ever make it down south for any gigs?
Well, I've written a couple of songs with lyrics, but they were so corny I trashed them. I've written a couple of guitar instrumentals, one of which is on my CD. Toronto in May was inspired by Lightfoot's Massey Hall concerts in 2001, which I had the pleasure to attend.

Yes, there is a lot of wilderness between here and Bangor. There are a couple of small cities... Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton. In between those towns, the landscape is either forest or potato fields.

I'm not doing any shows. In 2005 I had a ruptured brain aneurysm that really set me back, and I've just started playing guitar again, after being urged by someone that I really admire to work at it.

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