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Originally Posted by Cathy View Post
I live in Fort Fairfield, northeast of Presque Isle, and right on the New Brunswick border. I've been to Mount Desert Island several times, and figured with a name like Acadia you must be from there, or up here where the real Acadians live. Did you fly commercial flights, or have a private plane? My father was also a pilot, but he had his own plane. He often flew to Newfoundland or Labrador, where he'd land at some local airport, and hire a guide to take his group of fishermen into a lake in the wilderness.
Talk about beautiful... it doesn't get much more beautiful than Acadia National Park.
Those flying treks your dad went on into Canada must have been spectacular! I did most of my flying up there in the context of the Boston-Presque Isle run for a regional airline, but on the good weather days I couldn't help but note the pristine landscape and extensive wilderness--not many lights out there until Bangor.

It was very neat to see your website and that you are a professional musician and songwriter. I would like to see one of your shows to hear your originals and interpretations of others--especially those by Mr. Lightfoot. Do you ever make it down south for any gigs?
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