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Hi everybody, I am a new member so I will try to keep this short. My first Gordon Lightfoot concert was the Gilford show. I really enjoyed reading Podunklanderís account of the concert. I am one of those fans who sort of grew up unconsciously soaking in Mr. Lightfoot's music because my parents were fans. In the last few years I rediscovered his music on my own and it has been a wonderful experience getting my own collection going, this time on CD instead of my parents old records. Anyway, the Gilford concert was thrilling and the music was magic. It was amazing seeing Mr. Lightfoot's artistry and genius in the person. His legendary band was phenomenal as well. I have been to plenty of rock concerts, but this was something truly unique and special. It reminded me of what that writer said in the liner notes on the United Artists Collection about Mr. Lightfoot having that "unknowable *it* that separates the masters from the also rans." My first Gordon Lightfoot concert more than confirmed the truth of those words. I am definitely looking forward to learning from the posts of the long time fans and members on this forum.
Hi and welcome !! oh yeah -nice that you experienced the 'phenomena' of a GL concert . All of us here can relate to that and have also found that the magic is there at all the performances we attend, and we can count on experiencing that!
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