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Default Meadowbrook Gilford, NH

AWESOME performance by Gord and the band ! A nice outdoor venue a fine, enthusiastic crowd (including yours truely, thanks to a too strong, too large $3.50 cup of Starbuck's joe at the venue).

Our seats were excellent, 2nd row (the 1st row seats directly in front of us remained empty the entire show!) center section...just slightly stage left from GL. The stage was higher than most, and a small speaker obliterated my view of Terry's guitar unless I really stretched me neck (which of course, I did!).

As always -the band was tight, fairly good sound/acoustics at this venue and GL's vocals were mostly strong, always very excellent (very NICE) throughout. Some really fine vibrato in the lower register...particular during IYCRMM, Beautiful and CRT (he performed both CRT and The Wreck!). But all presentations were beautifully sung.

A little disheatening that "Sundown" turned into a sing-along, nearly drowning out Gordon's vocals, but the enthusiasm from the audience was fun none-the-less! And other 'toe-tappers'...there were quite a few in the audience, clapping along. Some people softly singing along (one guy a row or 2 back from us), throughout...but I've learned to block these things out by now (so long as they're not sitting very close to me).

Nobody chimed in "over me" prompty (nor loudly, anyway) at the end of "Ribbon" and I never have since I can't chance jinxing my relationship status, but I did a mousy "NOT over me!"

We had a nice, fun little Red Sox rally...which drowned out Gordon's cheer for the Blue Jays (and one Yankee's fan )....being that Gordon was clearly out-numbered -NH IS a huge Red Sox Nation territory, he relented and acknowledged us haha. That's the spirit!!!

"Ring-neck Loon" -I was just so thrilled to hear live, but the "calls" were mighty sad for the most part! Sounded like a bunch of Gremlins!!!

A GREAT night and my friend thought so too -he said he really enjoyed GL and the band, and said that the music was very relaxing. I felt bad for him to be going to a concert with homely old me... his beautiful wife at home w/the kids! But his wife and the kids were happy to see their hard-working daddy getting a rare night out! He tried taking some cellphone pix and they didn't come out. I hadn't wanted to take pix, but thought I should to share with the I took a handful (and one or 2 of Terry...for Vickie, but I'll let ou guys see them too ).

Will try to get them posted once I'm back home !!!


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