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Default Re: Has this happened to anyone else?

Originally Posted by RockyF View Post
Let me start this off by admitting that I am one of the more 'mature' Lightheads around, having been a huge fan of Gordon's since my college days in the late sixties.

Ha!ha one of the younger ones then!!

Originally Posted by RockyF View Post
So here's the dilemna. Last week, I was driving into town and a song came on the radio and I thought - "Here comes Gordon". I was sure the song was one of his, but I wasn't able to identify it in the usual reflex-like manner.
OK not quite on subject but I submit closely related is hearing recordings that at the time you or somebody else thought were by Gord but after mature investigation proved go be just similar in sound and quality
Those with memories of a certain ilk will no doubt recall those days long ago, before YouTube was invented or we learnt how to utilise the torrent system there were still active file sharing websites with names like Napster WinMX and Limewire.
To spice up ones searching a sizeable number of recordings were commonly misidentified as being by some geezer named Lightfoot. amongst these was one particular recording by The Chad Mitchell Trio of the great Song For Canada, written by Ian Tyson and the late great Peter Gzowski In fact If I Remember Correctly in the great 1998 Gzowski/Lightfoot interview this was dicussed.
I do well remember 1960's parties in Montreal at which a friend's folk group played for a singalong and other than a smattering of Lighfoot two popular songs were Song For Canada and that other great Tyson song Four Strong Winds.Both of those songs also popped up on file sharing sites attributed to Gord. one such recording was by The Chad Mitchell Trio (that I had acquired from WinMX as a Lightfoot recording)
Because of those associations when I started a thread back k in 2005 about Peter Paul and Mary at:-
I mistakenly referred in that posting to a recording as being of Four Strong Winds and remarked that the lead singer Mike Kobluk (a Canadian from Trail BC) sounded to me and some others uncannily like Gord. I have now found and heard a Chad Mitchell Trio recording of Four Strong Winds on YouTube and looked at an old email of that vintage and realised that it was Song for Canada not Four Strong Winds that I had meant to bring to readers attention
I have now uploaded a "video" with a single still picture
of the trio Mike is on the left
Whilst trying to find if there was possibly a Gzowski/Lightfoot video on Youtube I stumbled upon this tribute to the Great White North that might amuse those Canucks here (at 2:59 the narrator mentions both Peter and Gord)
I meant no one no harm

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