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Default Re: Happy Canada Day

Hey guys.
A truly, most joyous Happy Canada Day present arrived for me this evening when our flight landed from Vancouver safe and sound in the beautiful Province on Ontario.

It's the place where we plan to live and the place where I belong.

On this, the eve of Canada Day, 2011 I could not have been more blessed with such a wonderful, almost surreal experience I might add; and to compliment the joy, tomorrow, Canada Day I have been invited to connect with John Stinson, Paul Bartlett, Scott Williamson and, a most pleasant surprise, our own JJ, to help celebrate Canada Day in song at the Canadian Legion Hall in Aurora, Ontario, the home town of Gordon Lightfoot's former lead guitar player Red Shea.

My dear friends; life really is worth living, believe me, and for a Gordon Lightfoot fan, it doesn't get any better than this.

But for now, after a long flight, I have to rest in the shade of the beautiful red maple tree gracing the front of this house we're staying, say a prayer for the world out there, and tomorrow, after the second cup of coffee, it's off to the big gig!

Nous Vivons Ensembles,

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