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Default Re: Two Massey Hall 2011 Videos

Originally Posted by T.G. View Post
Looks like Rick is using a different bass (Fender Precision?). Still hasn't gotten rid of that awful ponytail though LOL
I was hoping there would be a closeup of Rick's bass - there seems to be certain modifications to this Fender -notably the addition of the bridge pickup and a few extra pods- This bridge pickup is similar to the one on the Red Yamaha- and looks very much like the big block double pole pickups that Leo Fender introduced on his Music Man - Stingray bass- Looking back to posts circa 2005- I believe Jenney posted comments by Rick stating he had used a very early Stingray bass but it did not stand the test of time-maybe the pickup is the last man standing!
Also, that great bass sound that is so consistent with the LIghtfoot band is do to the player himself and perhaps the use of Flatwound strings. Guess I'll have to wait till I get to meet Rick and the rest of the band to get a concrete answer.
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